I have BAS

Most of you have heard of GAS (Gear acquisition syndrome). I have a lot of that, but I also have BAS (Bag Acquisition Syndrome).  When it comes to camera bags, I am always on the hunt for something new. This is my current collection

These are all empty

These are all empty

Most of the bags in this picture are full of gear. Film cameras, speedlights, lenses, bodies, etc. 

Most of the bags in this picture are full of gear. Film cameras, speedlights, lenses, bodies, etc. 

For a long time, I wanted to have a single bag that could carry everything. All my lenses, filters, bodies, etc.  Over time I just got sick of dragging around all that weight.  For sure, it was just too much for a hike and impossible for street photography. 

Most recently I have switched from a full frame DSLR to a smaller Fuji X-T2 mirrorless camera with small prime lenses.  In my current bag search, I have found myself looking for the perfect messenger bag. My criteria:

  1. Not too deep. Not too wide. Just deep enough for 3-4 prime lenses, mirrorless body with lens attached.
  2. It needs to have a zipper top and allow for fast access. Bags like the PeakDesign bag and the ThinkTank Photo bags are designed well, but they don't zip closed. I also saw a video showing the PeakDesign bag flopping over on a table. I really want to like what PeakDesign created. I just haven't seen the perfect fit for me.  
  3. Weather proof. 
  4. I want exterior zipper pockets for batteries and other accessories
  5. I would love some interior pockets, but I also want those to have zippers.
  6. Thick shoulder strap for walking around.

I haven't picked my bag yet, but these are the ones I like the most:

I also love these leather bags from the UK.  http://www.gillislondon.com/trafalgar-camera-bags

Now I just need a single location with these bags so I can hold them and see which one I like the most.  What bag is your favorite? I am leaning toward the Tenba bag, it seems to have the best features. 


I went ahead and purchased the Tenba DNA 13 bag.  I have to say, it is pretty great.  Tons of pockets.  More then enough room for the Fuji X-T2 with 23mm lens attached, 35mm, 16mm and probably 2 or 3 additional lenses without any trouble. Lots of pickets for memory cards, filters and other accessories.  The bag hangs perfectly on the shoulder and is balanced well.  The bag also keeps its shape when loaded and in use, unlike my ThinkTank and LowePro shoulder bags.